When I turned 21 my life changed.

Not in a “set up social media tech company make the world a better place while making lots of money” type of change. But more like “I’m having a baby, my life and world as I know it is about to end” type of change.

Petrified (of both her parents & mine) with no job, no house (lived at home with mum obviously) or car, I dropped out of uni and promised the mother of my unborn child, commitment, security & some other stuff I couldn’t afford back then.

16 yrs, three kids, and a lot of food fights later, my wife and I are still going strong. Although I still have nightmares about those damn food fights, but 20 yrs experience feeding mine and other people’s kids (my 1st business was a school catering company) has resulted in the solution to those fussy little humans, Babble and Boo!



Our mission is twofold.

We want to inspire the next generation of foodies and adventurers by introducing your mini explorers to food from around the world, seamlessly educating child and parent about new cultures, new smells, new textures and new tastes.

We are particularly passionate about encouraging parents to cook but we know how difficult this can be. Juggling life, paying bills, wiping poop, cleaning up after screaming kids every 20 minutes, on top of cooking for them, especially when they are hell-bent on getting their daily fix of sugar, can be quite disheartening.

Our discovery boxes makes it easier to do all the above (bill payments not included). Part cookery class, part geography tutor and part child entertainer, all in one box.

Why is it important to cook for our children?

Cooking gives you more control over what gets onto your baby’s plate and into their bodies! It empowers you by providing control over the ingredients and nutrition of your baby's meals.
Our discovery boxes get you cooking with minimal waste and effort. Resulting in better quality of time spent interacting, discovering and playing with baby.

The Team


After eating his way around the world, working for some of the toughest and fussiest food critics on the planet (school children) and listening to his grandmother cook (a very important factor by the way), Daniel had a eureka, light bulb, apple dropping from the tree moment. Something that would disrupt an industry, change the eating habits of a nation and generally just make the world a better place to live. Having a passion for food, culture and children Daniel together with business partner Andre launched Babble & Boo.


Upon completing university and getting his first job in the city, it became apparent that life sat behind a computer and desk, collating spread sheets and reporting weekly sales figures was not going to be the vehicle used to set the world on fire.

Being an overt optimist and always wanting to make a positive impact within communities through business, when approached by Daniel (business partner) to discuss the idea of creating culturally specific baby food, Andre was excited by this new venture and immediately embarked on this journey with aplomb.


Kate Ford is a food blogger (The Veg Space), recipe developer and writer with a passion for really tasty vegetarian and vegan food. Kate grew up on the island of Jersey, moving to the mainland to study Physics at Durham University, and now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and 2 young sons. Kate holds a Cordon Vert diploma in Vegetarian Cookery. In 2009 she won the ‘Vegetarian Chef of the Future Competition’ run by the Vegetarian Society, and in 2011 was the creator of the ‘UK’s Tastiest Meat-Free Dish’. Kate’s first book, VEGAN IN 15, was published in January 2017 by Short Books.



From the onset our focus has been the development and well being of all children. If your children are not happy, “well feducated”, healthy and entertained, then we have failed in our mission. So we decided that if our products were not good enough for our children, then they were not good enough for yours, kind of a no brainer right? Meet the guinea pigs, Babble and Boo’s official unofficial NPD team. The guys responsible for whether a new recipe goes in the bin or the box.

Still confused on how Babble & Boo works?

No worries, just take a look here for a quick recap!