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Chefs’ Recipes

Our chefs turn adventurous recipes into toddler friendly meals, focusing on health and convenience. With photos of each step for you to cook quick, nutritious & delicious meals for your toddler.

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Fresh Ingredients

We source all our ingredients from local farmers & suppliers, farm to fork toddler food. We also pack the exact quantities you need so there’s no waste & minimal effort.

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Home Delivery

We then deliver your global recipes and fresh ingredients in a chilled discovery box every Monday, making it easier to cook healthy & tasty meals for your toddler.

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Cook for your toddler

No more time spent playing aeroplanes with spoons unsuccessfully! You can now cook homemade tasty & nutritious meals for your toddler & enjoy their development as they discover a world of new.

So, what will I get?

Perfectly measured ingredients
(which means no food waste)

Easy-to-follow recipe cards

2 toddler sized servings per recipe kit

Insulated packaging to keep food fresh

What's your flavour?

Babble and Boo travel the world in search of new recipes for your toddlers to explore. We then streamline meal prep so you can skip to what matters most - bonding with your children. Choose the meal plan that best suits your family needs and receive fresh ingredients and toddler friendly recipes for scratch cooking made easy.

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Explore Box

£ 38.00 / month
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Adventure Box

£ 55.00 / month
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£ 89.00 / month

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